Museum Resources has developed a variety of fencing types to meet the needs of restoration projects and Museums. We can provide materials, design, and installation of all types of historic fencing. These include picket, pale, and rail fencing.

Picket FencePicket Fencing

Picket shape and design varies widely from region to region, but I have some photos of the styles we produce on a regular basis but we can design a custom fence for your site or copy a historic design of your choice. We produce pickets in both sawn and riven styles. Those riven are usually made from White oak, while sawn pickets we produce from old growth cypress, white cedar, and longleaf pine. Post and rail material for picket fencing is often made from the same stock as the pickets.

Design-Meeting1Pale Fencing


Rail Fencing

Museum Resources produces rail fencing in two basic styles, post and rail and stack rail. We produce post and rail fencing in three basic styles based on the number of rails, three, four, and five rails. All of the posts and rails in these fences are riven or split and we cut square holes in the posts along with tapering the ends of the rails to fit into the posts. Posts are made from locust and rails are made from locust or white oak. Rail and post length can be made to fit your needs.
Stack rail or snake rail fencing, as some folks know it is made from hand split rails. Rail length can vary but we normally make them 11 feet long. Please call and we can help you in determining the number of rails needed to cover per running foot of fence.


As a companion to our fencing we also offer traditional gates. We produce gates suitable for all types of fencing, including those for picket, pale, and rail fencing. Gates are made from long lasting rot resistant woods such as old growth cypress, White oak, etc. Hardware for these gates can be custom built or we can utilize stock hardware to help control the costs.