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Choosing the right material, species, growth pattern, color and character can make or break a restoration project. Reproducing the original look requires more than just matching species, all of the elements of the original must be considered. We specialize in providing raw materials and finished products that are identical to period ones. We are the lumberyard for historic materials. We have the ability to provide logs, fresh cut or finished stock in every major species found east of the Mississippi river. We work closely with restoration projects to provide the finish and look desired.If you wish to process logs into finished products we will be happy to assist you or provide the finished product.

How we meet your needsdesignteam
  • We determine your needs and match your specifications with fresh logs or recycled materials.
  • Large close dense growth logs in lengths up to 40 feet are available.
  • Stock can be cut on modern band saws, hewn, riven, or even pit sawn.
  • Custom cut to meet your needs using a limited amount of pit-sawn and hewn stock.
  • We offer Raw plank in a range of species and finishes.
  • We have dry stock in a multitude of thickness and widths.
  • Cabinet grade walnut, cherry, longleaf pine, and oak are available in widths of 6-24 inches.
  • We only supply the highest quality materials, cut from our own logs, for these cabinet woods.
  • We also have stock for framing, trim and flooring as well.
  • We can custom cut green stock for framing from all species in any size.
  • Our flooring is available in a variety of grades and finishes.
  • We specialize in old growth Longleaf Pine in lengths up to 30 feet, allowing you to run full lengths from wall to wall.