Clapboards, riven from white Oak, are a traditional roof form utilized in the 17th and 18th centuries. We purchase only the best veneer grade logs to produce clapboards from. They are riven, drawknifed and straightened in our premium grade or available in a rough grade as well. Standard lengths of 54 inches are common, however we can provide custom lengths if needed. We recommend tarring the roof with pine tar on an annual basis.

Shingles and clapboards are some of the specialty products in our inventory. We produce shingles in a variety of forms, including hand split and sawn. Old Growth Cypress is our principle wood for these shingles but we also produce shingles from Juniper, Chestnut, and White Oak. Shingles are available in lengths of 18-30 inches with butt thickness of 3/8-7/8 thickness. We can work with you to produce the finish and look needed for your project. We utilize traditional methods and equipment to produce shingles that are split or riven and can match existing materials and appearance.